By day Elise Antonio is a gallery associate at Steinbrueck Native Art Gallery and by night she works as a recycled materials artist in Seattle, Washington. Though she has been creating art throughout her life, using recycled materials as her medium has been Elise’s focus over the past two years. Creating pieces out of cardboard, paper bags and hot glue has given Elise freedom to explore textures, patterns and forms that were once limited by fear of ruining expensive materials. Because of this, the boundaries of imagination are expanded and everyday materials are given new purpose and possibilities.

With this new-found freedom, she has been reimagining some of her favorite subjects – animals, marine life, and Pacific Northwest scenery- and turning them into tangible pieces of recycled art. Conservation is a main theme intertwined throughout all pieces by sourcing recycled wood, cardboard boxes from recycling bins and paper grocery bags to create and make each piece unique. As she evolves her style, Elise is starting to explore more abstract and imaginative subjects that weave a message of the preservation of the natural and wild world.

For artist’s resume, commission inquiries, or collaborations, please email elise.antonio@gmail.com.

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